K Y O T O · T R A V E L


The former capital of Japan is the home to over 2,000 temples, and is renowned for the endless choice of delicious food – here are a few of my favourite eats in the old town…


Inoda’s Coffeeperfect for breakfast, inside Kyoto Station // イノダコーヒー

  • Beef Cutlet Sandwich (¥1,880) // ベーフカツサンド
  • Breakfast (¥1,380) // 京の朝食 (available 7.30am-11am)
    • Juice and Salad
    • Egg, Ham & Bread
    • Coffee or Tea
  • Mixed Sandwich (¥960) // ミックスサンド

Wakudenreasonably priced ‘Kaiseki’ lunch // 和久傳

  • 6-Course Lunch “Suou” (¥6,000) //  蘇芳
  • “Chirashi” Bento Box (¥900) // 鯛ちらし

♥GION 祇園

Kyoumenan authentic noodle shop located in the traditional Giyon district // 京麺

  • “Mini-Don Set”: Beef on Rice & Soba (¥1,500) // ミニ丼セット 肉丼とざるそば
  • Kitsune Udon (¥900) // きつねうどん

Gion Yoshitakethe perfect selection of matcha drinks // 祇園よし竹

  • Matcha Soy Milk (¥400) // 抹茶豆乳


Masuda Chaho: the Uji district is the birth place of matcha, and this tea shop serves delicious soft cream with generous amounts of matcha powder // 増田茶舗

  • Matcha Soft Cream (¥300) // 抹茶ソフトクリーム

Tatsumianfamous for selling the 3-tea-flavoured ‘dango’ (sweetened pounded rice balls) – with sencha, matcha and hoji-cha // 京都巽庵

  • 3-Tea Dango (¥700/5 sticks) // 茶団子田楽 宇治三昧



Umezonomy favourite Japanese-fusion sweet shop in Kyoto that serves the fluffiest matcha pancakes and kinako French toast!

  • “Mitarashi Dango” Set (¥670) // 甘味点心 with みたらし団子
  • Matcha Pancake: with brown sugar butter and maple syrup (¥930) // 抹茶のホットケーキ▫️
  • Brown Sugar French Toast with Kinako (toasted soy bean flour) (¥780) // 黒糖のフレンチトースト



Hashimakiya // はしまきや


  • “Kyo-Hashimaki” with Yuba and Cheese: rolled up okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancakes) on a stick (¥400) // 京湯葉

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